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  • Email Flow Foundations
  • Email Flow Foundations
  • Email Flow Foundations
  • Email Flow Foundations

    Email Flow Foundations

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    Build your own Klaviyo email flows with confidence with my 'Flow Foundations' guide! Currently on sale for just £27 for a limited time only.

    • Brands/folks wanting to DIY their email marketing flows, and don't quite have the budget to work with an agency or freelancer
    • Other marketers looking for a tried and true guide that goes further than Klaviyo's basic flows
    • Email designers who want to offer the strategy side of things to their clients

    I use this guide to build the Klaviyo flow foundations with my clients for their eCommerce flows, structures I've used time and time again - so once built, you know you have something that works and goes beyond Klaviyo's basic structures.

    This comes as an easy to follow (and colourful!) Figma board, including the below 8 x core eCommerce flows:

    • Welcome Series
    • Abandon Browse
    • Abandon Checkout
    • Post Purchase
    • Simple Upsell
    • Products Back in Stock
    • Winback
    • Sunset
    • PLUS: Your Customer Journey: How your flows play their part in the journey from prospect, all the way through to VIP
    • PLUS: Your Subscriber Journey: The Opt In Process (Shopify Example)
    • PLUS: How to craft your pop up, and sync this through seamlessly into your 'Welcome Series' Klaviyo flow.

    This is an awesome resource for anyone running their own eCommerce business, and saves you so much time and money!

    Just select 'Built for you in Klaviyo' from the dropdown and I can build these directly in your Klaviyo account. Just add your own email designs and you're good to go! I'll ping you an email as soon as you've purchased so I can get access to your Klaviyo account to complete the work.