Supercharge your marketing strategy and grow 🪴 a profitable and loyal email marketing audience with Klaviyo.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not to be underestimated. A key communication tool we use everyday, receiving email marketing from your favourite brand keeps you up to date with the latest products, promotions and stories. It's a great tool to keep your brand top of mind, improve engagement and build trust and loyalty with your audience.

According to the DMA, companies can expect to get about £26 back on average for every £1 they spend on email marketing! No matter what stage your eCommerce business is at, having even just a foundational email marketing presence in place makes a huge difference, saves time and automates revenue.

With so many different tools to build an email list, the options are endless on how you can acquire, nurture and grow subscriber lists. Plus, everyone's got an email address, right?

I work with eCommerce clients using Klaviyo, helping them grow their lists, improve key KPIs, increase sales and effectively move subscribers across the funnel - from prospect, to customer, to brand fanatic!

How Valley Gal can help
The Oracle Valley Gal Email Marketing


A no obligation, full email marketing audit with a view of your Klaviyo account. Includes a summary of detailed recommendations to action (to be completed by you or if required, completed by Valley Gal, charged at a separate rate).

Great for: eCommerce brands making revenue from email, but looking for improvements they can action in-house, or get support with.


  • List & Segment Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis & Sending Cadence
  • Template/Design Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Deliverability Checks
  • Performance Metrics
  • Peer Benchmarks
  • Integrations & Data Checks
  • Overall recommendations
The Flow Architect Valley Gal Email Marketing


Get your email marketing on lock with either a full flow refresh or setup from scratch!

Great for: eCommerce brands already driving traffic from paid/SEO, looking to improve their automated flows, OR for new brands looking to set up foundational flows to automate email revenue.

Included Flows:

  • Welcome Series
  • Abandon Cart
  • Browse Abandon
  • Post Purchase
  • Winback Series
  • Cross-sell
  • Sunset Series
  • OR bespoke flows unique to your brand
The Email Alchemist Valley Gal Email Marketing


Monthly Retainer Support

Hire Valley Gal as your monthly email marketing support system!

Flexible monthly rolling email and pop up marketing support - email planning, strategy, design, copy + segmentation.

Great for: Solo-prenuers or eCommerce teams who are time/email resource poor, and want to have all their email marketing/Klaviyo marketing taken care of.

The Growth Partner Valley Gal Digital Marketing


Going further than just email marketing:

  • Delve into customer behaviour and patterns that Klaviyo can’t provide
  • Discover which customers are most valuable (and which aren’t)
  • A deeper understanding of your customer
  • Understand your allowable cost to recruit customers
  • Discover which products recruit the best customers for LTV
  • Weed out ageing sections of the database to pair with reactivation techniques
  • Use our data engine to build more complex segments to use in Klaviyo
  • Get an idea of what your customer split needs to be to reach a certain revenue goal over a period of time (i.e how many new customers vs retained customers)

This service is best suited to:

  • At least 30k profiles/size database.
  • Higher frequency purchase
  • Those who need to refine their funnel for 2024
  • Become stagnant in their acquisition or retention efforts and need guidance

Great for: eCommerce brands with over 30k active Klaviyo profiles, looking for a deeper understanding of their data and customers.


✅ One-view Customer dashboard ✅ Clearer/more robust forecasting ✅ Path to clearer campaigns plans to meet your goals ✅ Discover key areas for campaigns (on/offline) ✅ Customer behaviour led reporting with actionable insights


"Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has transformed our campaign emails, and now they finally feel on brand with the rest of our business. Running a busy company, I needed someone who could easily run with it and Sarah was able to take the work load off my hands and work behind the scenes to get the job done. I would happily recommend Sarah to anyone wanting their level up their email marketing."


Leila Martyn, Owner @ MyOva


Elwyn Gladstone, Owner @ Biggar & Leith

"Sarah has been great to work with - calm, creative, clear - highly recommended!"


Have a look at some examples of Valley Gal email designs, see if anything inspires you!