eCommerce Strategy

Finding all your digital planning overwhelming? Get your marketing streams and goals in line with a bulletproof marketing strategy.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Getting all your digital marketing content and goals working together in harmony should 100% be a priority for your business. You need to know what marketing channels are driving sales, leads and working for your budget, not against it.

Most businesses work with a set of KPIs to help keep an eye on digital performance, alongside a few digital tools to help manage a content or marketing calendar. You need to be able to execute content and projects, and be confident they're getting the ROI you want. All these tools will save you time, money and effort and help you conquer your goals!

Ready to get set and go? Have a look below at what key areas of planning and strategy I can help you with. I also sell a short digital marketing kit below, to help kick start your plans if you need some self-paced support.

📈 Book a Marketing Audit with me - I run through all your digital channels to advise on an improved structure going forward, what channels to utilise and where to invest your budget.

📈 Plan a Marketing Calendar - I'm well versed in building content plans across multi-channel (social, email, paid, content creation), so let's put our heads together and get your eCom brand planned out to hit targets, delight customers and improve brand positioning!

📈 Book in a Power Hour - we can discuss anything you need and you'll get advice direct from me on digital marketing improvements. Often this helps clients get lots of fun new ideas for campaigns or products!

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