• Mini Marketing Magic Box
  • Mini Marketing Magic Box

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Mini Marketing Magic Box


Just need some help to start you off on your content planning journey? Well my friend - this is for you. 

The Mini Magic Box contains the first three workbooks from The Marketing Magic Box - a cracking wee bundle to get you started with audience focussed content marketing in 2021.

What's inside?

  • Content Questionnaire - An easy to use document with thought provoking questions to help decide which content best suits your audience. Super useful for businesses of any size.
  • Pain Points Map - Need some extra tools to find your audience's pain points? Use this guide to narrow them down!
  • Content Research Guide - A workbook to help take those initial answers from the Questionnaire + pain points map, to the next level with some good ol' market research.


If you ever have any questions about the worksheets, get in touch!